20 March 2013

LSSAH Troops Crossing the River Meuse Near Mook

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Date: Monday, 13 May 1940
Place: Mook, Limburg, Netherlands
Photographer: Unknown

Troops belonging to the SS-Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" crossing the river Meuse near Mook, 13 May 1940. From "The Leibstandarte" by Rudolf Lehmann and Ralf Tiemann, Vol 1 page 136 (english edition), we have the following: "13-5-1940, 06:00 hours, the reinforced Regiment (minus the reinforced III. Bataillon) marched via Goch, Mook, and Grave to reach Hess, its first march objective, around noon. Here it was subordinated to the XXXIX AK and received orders to move toward Gertruidenberg so as to reach it before nightfall. The reinforced III. Bataillon (formerly Schnelle Gruppe Mitte) moved from Zutphen via Mook, came once more under orders from the Regiment, and was moved to Dongen, sixteen kilometers southeast of Gertruidenberg". Now, just to confirm that these are LSSAH vehicles, the number plates of the two nearest BMW R12s are 816 and 814 and the Horch 1500 has the number plate 933, so they all come from the range SS-501 to SS-2000, which was assigned to the LSSAH. The Horch comes from 6th Kompanie, (II. Bataillon) so this is a shot of the first group mentioned above.


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