06 May 2013

Adolf Galland Waiting for the Führer

Image size: 1600 x 1082 pixel. 415 KB
Date: Tuesday, 24 December 1940
Place: Château de Bonnance, Port-le-Grand, Abbeville, Picardie, France
Photographer: Unknown

Oberstleutnant Adolf "Dolfo" Galland, Kommodore of JG/Jagdgeschwader 26 (26th Fighter-Wing) "Schlageter" with his officers waiting for the Führer Adolf hitler one day before Christmas 1940 at château de Bonnance in Abbeville. In the background are three Gruppenkommandeur, from left to right: Hauptmann Gerhard Schöpfel (Kommandeur III.Gruppe/JG 26 "Schlageter"), Hauptmann Walter Adolph (Kommandeur II.Gruppe/JG 26 "Schlageter"), and Hauptmann Rolf Pingel (Kommandeur I.Gruppe/JG 26 "Schlageter"). Hitler arrived at the castle Point-de-Briques at 16.05 hours. There he visited the squadron Galland and he joined the Christmas activities of the squadron there. At 16.50 hours he was back at his train in Abbeville. From there he was taken to Laboissière. The train left at 19.15 hours and arrived at 21.15 hours


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