15 June 2013

Captured Foreign Volunteers in the German Army

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Date: Thursday, 15 June 1944
Place: Normandy, France
Photographer: Bert Brandt

Original caption: "They fought for Hitler. Somewhere in France – Not all of the German Army prisoners taken on the battlefields of France are stalwart, blonde Aryans who were born to rule the world. Not quite so exclusive these days, the 'Herrenvolk' is hob-nobbing with men of all races—anyone, as a matter of fact, who can carry a gun for Adolf. Among the prisoners captured in France were: (left to right) front row: a Yugoslav; an Italian; a Turk; a Pole; (back row) a German; a Czech; a Russian who was forced into the army when the Nazis occupied his town; and a Mongol!"


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