09 February 2014

A V-1 With Very Unusual Camouflage Pattern

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Date: Between 13 September and 7 October 1944
Place: Varrelbusch Airfield, Cloppenburg, Germany
Photographer: Unknown

A V-1 with very unusual camouflage pattern! Picture taken at the ammunition dump of Varrelbusch airfield. The V-1 was stored in the open, without special camouflage measures. Note the yellow protective cap on the nose of the V-1! This picture was taken between September 13th and October 7th 1944 with 1.Staffel / Kampfgeschwader 53 (KG 53) on Varrelbusch airfield. The Staffel operated from September 16th from this base with V-1’s against England. The V-1’s were to be released over the northsea. The missions were flown at low level to prevent detection by British radar. After release of the flying bomb, the bomb was directed to its target by a fixed bearing and fuel load. The losses of KG 53 were high, mainly caused by Allied nightfighters and bad weather.

Luftwaffe im Focus - Edition No.1 2002

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