16 February 2014

Hiroshima's Financial District One Day After Atomic Blast

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Date: Tuesday, 7 August 1945
Place: Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Photographer: Mitsugi Kishida

Smoke still hangs over the vicinity of Ohte-machi, Kamiya-cho, Hondori and Fukuro-machi after the bombing. Here were the Hiroshima Branch of Yasuda Bank, the Hiroshima branches of Obayashi Corporation, Sanwa Bank, Sumitomo Bank and the central Geibi Bank. Except for those buildings made of steel rebar reinforced concrete, the stores lining the Hondori Shopping Arcade were completely destroyed by blast and fire. Steel and concrete buildings mostly withstood the bomb, but their fixtures made of glass and wood melted or burned. Brick buildings suffered major damage, and the wooden buildings were completely consumed by the fire. 


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