07 April 2018

2 NZ Personnel Division Sorting Out Maps

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Date: Thursday, 8 June 1944
Place: Italy
Photographer: George Frederick Kaye

Personnel sorting out maps during 2nd New Zealand Division's rapid advance in Italy, 8 June 1944. The Italian campaign was New Zealand’s primary combat contribution to the war following the hard-won victory over Axis forces in North Africa. Almost all the New Zealanders who served in Italy did so as members of the 2nd New Zealand Division – a highly competent fighting force affectionately known as the 'Div'. The men of the Div endured harsh winters and 18 months of gruelling combat before ending the war in the city of Trieste in May 1945. The legacy of the campaign was profound and long-lasting: more than 2100 New Zealanders were killed and 6700 wounded during the liberation of Italy; placenames like Orsogna, Cassino and Faenza continue to evoke the memory of their contribution and sacrifices.

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