24 July 2013

The Death Of SS General Ernst Fick

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Date: Sunday, 29 April 1945
Place: Murnau, Southern Bavaria, germany
Photographer: Unknown

On April 29, 1945, during the Murnau Oflag (Offizierslager) VII-A assembly, a plane with Polish insignia had appeared in the sky, circled above the assembly square, tried to signal something and went away. Soon on the road to the camp appeared American tanks. At the same time from the other side of Murnau, two German cars approached. They stopped upon noticing the tanks. Germans had been taken by surprise. SS officer in the first car opened fire from the machine gun, at the same time his companion jumped out of the vehicle. Both men were killed on a spot by the Americans (SS-Hauptsturmführer der Reserve Max Teichmann and SS-officer Widmann). The same fate met the passangers of the second car. Among the dead Germans was SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Ernst Fick (in the above picture lies at left, while at right is his driver with the rank SS-Untersturmführer) who rides in the second car. His briefcase contained the letter signed by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. It was an order to kill all 5,000 Polish POW officers encamped in Murnau! To execute this task Fick had had at his disposal an SS group in 40 armoured vehicles that started from Münich. Most likely the SS-man intended to assemble the POWs and killed them with the machine guns fire from guard's towers. After finishing off the Germans, one of the Americans' tank smashed the entrance gate and entered the assembly square. The representative of POWs welcomed American soldiers. He had addressed them in English. The commander of the tank shook his head and answered in Polish: " My name is Szewczyk, we came to liberate you". He was from Kalisz, Poland!



  1. Germany & Japan started the war. They got what they were trying to do too the rest of the world, destroyed!

    1. Moron ! The British ,and French Empires declared war on Germany September 3 1939;and after NOT ever being attacked or threatened! All over a legitimate border dispute,Germany had with Poland,where the GERMAN POPULATION HAD VOTED to go back to a beautiful,free,and full employment Germany.. Hitler asked for peace,which was REJECTED,by the International Jewish banker,s which ruled the Allied Nations ,THAN,and TODAY ! See THE BAD WAR.Com.HITLERS WAR.David Irving Action Report.Com.Plus FDR,boycotted Japan,of its oil,and refused all discussion. He knew about Pearl Harbor before hand:See INFAMY;John Toland.HUMAN SMOKE:Fleming.The Jews have your stupid mind,hook,line,and sinker.. Plus the story of the 'orders to kill the POWS ,is PURE lies. They ahd much more to do,than that,and the a Polish Plane? Absurd..

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  3. read people read.. history is written by winners

  4. It's funny how you call Ardenz grossly misinformed and under-educated when he posted historical facts and referenced numerous books and your only argument against his is that he's a neo-nazi and a idiot.

    You really made your intelligence show, sunshine.

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