30 November 2012

U-83 in the North Atlantic During its Second Patrol

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Date: Between Sunday, 28 September 1941, to Friday, 31 October 1941
Place: North Atlantic
Photographer: Unknown

The Type VIIB German submarine U-83, commanded by Ritterkreuzträger Oberleutnant zur See Hans-Werner Kraus (1 July 1915 - 25 May 1990), in the North Atlantic during its second patrol in autumn 1941. At that time the U-83 was part of the 1. Unterseebootsflottille in Brest, France. The boat wears a Viking ship emblem and an interesting camouflage scheme on its conning tower. This was retained, at least initially, after the boat was attached to 23. Unterseebootsflottille in the Mediterranean in January 1942. U-83 was sunk on 4 March, 1943 in the Mediterranean south-east of Cartagena, in position 37.10N, 00.05E, by 3 depth charges from a British Hudson aircraft. 50 dead (all hands lost), including its captain at the time, Kapitänleutnant Ulrich Wörisshoffer (born 21 March 1917).

"U-Boot im Focus" magazine, edition No.2 - 2007, cover page

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