30 November 2012

SS-Sturmbannführer Luis Thaler with Waffen-Obersturmbannführer Armando Giorleo

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Date: November 1944
Place: Italian front
Photographer: Unknown

SS-Sturmbannführer Luis Thaler (left) in discussion with Waffen-Obersturmbannführer Armando Giorleo of the Italian Waffen-SS, 29. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (italienische Nr. 1). Giorleo wears the grey-green wool tunic of the Italian Army with SS rank added to the collar, still on the early style red background despite Himmler's order substituting black from June 1944. Lieutenant-Colonel Giorleo has bright silver shoulder cords of rank on Waffen-SS style double underlay, in German infantry white over red. Luis Thaler was Italian citizen to the beginning of the war and join the SS after an agreement between the German and the Italian governments to permit "Germans" from south Tyrol to join the Reich.

Book "The Italian Army 1940-45: Italy 1943-45" by Philip S. Jowett and Stephen Andrew


  1. Sturmbannführer Luis Thaler's grave is in Bruneck at the Heldenfriedhof-Waldfriedhof (Cimitero di Guerra). The memorial on his grave indicates that he was born Nov. 28, 1909 and died May 2, 1945.

  2. I confirm this. I was on that cemetery last week and have seen his grave there