09 December 2012

V-1 Hits the Aldwych, London

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Date: Friday, 30 June 1944
Place: Aldwych, London, England
Photographer: Unknown

 Fieseler Fi-103 V-1 flying bomb about to hit the Aldwych area of London. You can see the V-1 just as its engine cuts out over Waterloo Station and it drops behind the Law Courts Buildings. Despite the lack of ability for precise targeting by the Luftwaffe, this V-1 hit the Air Ministry at Ad Astral House opposite the BBC's Bush House station. Many people were outside when the bomb came down, falling onto the crowded street. People were incinerated in buses on the street and from flying shrapnel and glass from the Air Ministry's windows. 48 people were killed and 200 injured, but some sources say that 198 were killed. This may be due to the Air Ministry's underreporting of casualties at the time of the attack as a security measure. 

Imperial War Museum

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  1. You have posted many excellent and interesting photographs. Thanks for that. I've taken a close look at this one, since the Aldwych V-1 almost did my Aunt and grandfather in. I don't think this is that particular V-1. The angle of the shot is looking northwest. The southeast corner of the tower at the corner of the Strand and Bell Yard is pointed almost directly at the photographer with the spire of Royal Courts to its left. From this angle, the point of impact on Aldwych would be to the left of the tower and spire, yet the V-1 is to their right and heading further to the right. This V-1 is headed closer to The British Museum.