06 December 2012

A column of German POWs on the Nevsky Prospekt in Leningrad

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Date: August 1942
Place: Nevsky Prospekt, Leningrad, Soviet Union
Photographer: Boris Pavlovich Kudoyarov (1898-1973)

German prisoners paraded into the streets of Leningrad, summer 1942. Just imagine what went through the minds of these soldiers... Original caption: "The Germans intended to triumphantly march into Leningrad, along October 25th Street. This party of prisoners-of-war did march along the street, not as triumphantly as they hoped, it is true, but at least they can now bear witness to the sincerity of the Russian greeting: no one abused them, the faces of the passers-by expressed no malicious joy, but their eyes gleamed with a hatred harder than stone and hotter than flame!" Important events in Leningrad Front which happened in August 1942: 9 August 1942: The Symphony No. 7 "Leningrad" by Dmitri Shostakovich was performed by the Radio orchestra of Leningrad. The score had passed the German lines by air one night in March 1942. The concert was broadcast on loudspeakers placed in all the city and also aimed towards the enemy lines. This date, initially chosen by Hitler to celebrate the taking of Leningrad, and a few days before the Sinyavino Offensive, can symbolise the reversal of the dynamics in favour of the Soviet army. 11 August 1942: The German 250. Infanterie-Division, consisted of Spanish volunteers, was redeployed on the Volkhov River near Leningrad, Russia. 19 August 1942: Soviets launched the Sinyavino Offensive in the Leningrad region in northern Russia, with troops of the Leningrad Front capturing several bridgeheads across the Neva River. The Volkhov Front, however, failed to launch its offensive in concert. 24 August 1942: Soviet Volkhov Front launched an offensive near Leningrad in northern Russia. 27 August 1942: As Soviet Volkhov Front attacked toward Leningrad Russia, Soviet 8th Army attacked outwards from within the city, briefly opening a small corridor. 28 August 1942: Soviet 8th Army pushed forward another mile against lines held by troops of German 223rd Infantry Division near Leningrad, Russia; behind the German lines, German 18th Army moved into position to launch a counterattack. 29 August 1942: Soviet 4th Guards Rifle Corps joined the Soviet 8th Army in the offensive near Leningrad, Russia.

RIA Novosti archive, image #1104

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