28 April 2013

Award Ceremony of Croatian Volunteers in the Outskirts of Stalingrad

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Date: Thursday, 24 September 1942
Place: Golubinskaya, Volgogradskaya Oblast, Soviet Union
Photographer: Unknown

Officers of the Verstarken Kroatischen Infanterie Regiment 369 at award ceremony. On the left is Major Tomislav Brajković, 2nd from left is Oberleutnant Blago Zlomislić, 3rd from left is Artillerie Hauptmann Vasilije Maljgin, while on the right is a German officer (Major?). The photo was taken on 24 September 1942 at Golubinskaya-on-Don during the Croatian Poglavnik Ante Pavelić's visit to 6. Armee. This picture taken after award ceremony of, uniquely, both German and Croatian awards! The three Croatian Wehrmacht officers proudly displays their newly received Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse (Iron Cross 2nd Class), Željezni trolist (Kroatisches Eisernes Dreiblatt/Croatian Military Order of the Iron Trefoil), and Red krune kralja Zvonimira (Kroatisches Kriegsordens der Krone des Königs Zvonimir/Croatian Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir), while Major Brajković wearing the Croat Gold Bravery Medal (notice the added suspension in the picture- correct for the Gold award) above his pocket. At least two of the officers in the centre wearing the Croation Legion 1941 Linden Leaf Badge in their M38 feldmütze. The Legion badge was manufactured in the form of a linden leaf with the national coat of arms shown in the center and in bold relief the words "HRVATSKA LEGIJA" (Croat Legion) with the date "1941." The reverse shows a safety style pin attached in the center by a small bronze plate. These badges were made by the firms: "BRACA KNAUS-Zagreb" and "Me-Ba" Zagreb, and were made of aluminum and in silver color only. Veterans wore this badge on the left breast pocket of their German or Croatian uniform and on the side of their M-43 style German Cap.


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