16 April 2013

Devastation Of Nürnberg, Germany

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Date: Friday, 20 April 1945
Place: Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany
Photographer: Unknown

The city was severely damaged in Allied strategic bombing from 1943-1945. On January 2, 1945, the medieval city centre was systematically bombed by the Royal Air Force and the U.S. Air Force and about ninety percent of it was destroyed in only one hour, with 1800 residents killed and roughly 100,000 displaced. In February 1945, additional attacks followed. In total, about 6000 Nuremberg residents are estimated to have been killed in air raids. Despite this, the city was rebuilt after the war and was to some extent, restored to its pre-war appearance including the reconstruction of some of its medieval buildings. In this view overlooking the Pegnitz River, upper right you can see the Frauenkirche (Our Lady's Church) on the edge of the Adolf-Hitler-Platz. Water intakes, choked with debris, fed the needs of factories. This view was taken after the city's capture by the US Army's 45th Infantry Division and the 3rd Armored Division. 


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