24 July 2013

Adolf Hitler and Wachtmeister Arthur Adam

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Date: Early August 1944
Place: Führerhauptquartier Wolfsschanze, Rastenburg, Ostpreußen/East Prussia
Photographer: Unknown

In the first days of August 1944 Adolf Hitler receives Wachtmeister Arthur Adam. Following the assassination attempt of 20 July 1944 he was the first to become suspicious of Oberst Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. It was he who noticed that the colonel left the conference early and had forgotten his briefcase and service cap in the outer office. After a vain attempt to report this to the two responsible intelligence officers, he turned directly to Reichsleiter Martin Bormann who took him to Hitler in order to state his suspicions. For his deeds, Wachtmeister Arthur Adam was promoted to Oberwachtmeister and received a small house near Berlin and 20,000 RM (Reichsmark). Standing in the left is SS-Obergruppenführer Julius Schaub (Chefadjutant des Führers Adolf Hitler). Please note that Hitler used his left to shakes hand with Adam because his right one is still affected by the bomb blast!

Fotos aus dem Führerhauptquartier - Hermann Historica München


  1. It still is unbelievable to me the german people allowed Hitler & his cronies to take power in Germany.q

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    2. this statement by anonymous could only exist in the mind of a sub-human nazi scumbag!!

    3. this statement by anonymous could only exist in the mind of a sub-human nazi scumbag!!

  2. Is there any more information or photos of Arthur Adam? If so how do I find it?

  3. A wonderful young man. Hitler had some great and loyal people. The aristocratic dope,Von Stauffenburg,was a coward. Hitler said" He could of drew a gun on me".But chose to blow up room,wit the innocent ! Including Col Brandt,a fellow cavalry comrade,and conspirator ! For a true,and great account See:Chapter:THE MAN WITH THE YELLOW LEATHER BRIEFCASE;HITLERS WAR;available,David Irving Action Report.com.

  4. I would like to know more about Arthur Adam and see more pictures of him how do I find out more about this man?