21 July 2013

Schwertern Award Ceremony For Rainer Stahel

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Date: Tuesday, 1 August 1944
Place: Führerhauptquartier Wolfsschanze, Rastenburg, Ostpreußen/East Prussia
Photographer: Unknown

Presentation of the Schwertern zum Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub (Oak Leaves and Swords of the Knight's Cross) #79 to Generalleutnant Rainer Stahel (15 January 1892 - 30 November 1955) that held in Führerhauptquartier Wolfsschanze, Rastenburg, 1 August 1944. As a Generalmajor and Kommandant Fester Platz Wilna (commanding officer of the stronghold at Vilnius), he was responsible for tying down large enemy forces so, on 18 July 1944, was awarded the Swords and promoted to Generalleutnant. While commanding operations in Bucharest (Rumania) he fell into Russian captivity. In 1955, he died in Russian Gulag from a heart attack as news of his release was broken to him! Also present in this picture: Generaloberst Heinz Guderian (Generalinspekteur der Panzertruppen und Chef des Generalstabes des Heeres) and Oberst Nicolaus von Below (Luftwaffen-Adjutant der "Adjutantur der Wehrmacht beim Führer und Reichskanzler").

Fotos aus dem Führerhauptquartier - Hermann Historica München


  1. Thank you for this. Rainer Stahel was an outstanding commander. He was a Luftwaffe Officer:An Anti-aircraft defense expert,and fortress kommandant. He was sent by the German High Command to take charge of difficult situations.The photo is fascinating,as the Fuhrer and General Guderian were dealing with terrible crises in the East,and West,at that time.Noye Hitlers Luftwaffe Aide,the culture Colonel Below escorted Stahel,as was the protocal of every one of the Duheres Service Aides. One can Luftwaffe Soldiers;Stahels escorts in the hall. SEE HITLERS WAR.David Irving Action Report.COM. THE BAD WAR.COM.

  2. Reiner Stahel was military commandant of Warsaw and war criminal - he giving shooting orders of civilian Poles in Warsaw.

  3. I thought that he was Himmler but he does look like the Himmler in Downfall to say the very least