23 December 2013

Cheerful Divisional Personnel Pose with a Wrecked Soviet T-28B tank

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Date: July 1941
Place: Soviet Union
Photographer: Helmut Ritgen

Cheerful divisional personnel from 6. Panzer-Division pose with a wrecked Soviet T-28B tank in the first weeks of the Russian campaign. This 25-ton Russian derivative of the British Vickers A6E1 design was armed with a 76.2mm main gun and three MGs, and was first unveiled at a parade in October 1932. Note soldier clowning with 76.2mm round! Also unidentified brigade and battalion markings on turret. In the Operation Barbarossa, the 6th Panzer-Division fighting at first under Heeresgruppe Nord (Army Group North) for Leningrad but soon transferring to Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Center), where it fought in the Battle of Moscow and the Rzhev-Vyazma Salient. 

Helmut Ritgen photo collection
Book "The 6th Panzer Division: 1937-45" by Oberst a.D. Helmut Ritgen

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