21 December 2013

Japanese Envoys Escorted to Hong Kong Government House

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Date: Sunday, 16 September 1945
Place: Victoria, Hong Kong, China
Photographer: Unknown

UK Royal Navy Commander Carr escorts Japanese envoys to Government House. They surrendered the Japanese forces in China on September 16, 1945, in Hong Kong. The instrument was signed by Imperial Japanese Army Major General Umekichi Okada, Imperial Japanese Navy Vice Admiral Ruitaro Fujita and UK Royal Navy Rear Admiral Cecil H. J. Harcourt. The 10,000 Japanese soldiers of the Hong Kong garrison were held at Shamshuipo barracks, like the Allied prisoners of war who survived the invasion of Hong Kong in 1941. Within a few months, all the Japanese, except for 271 suspects of the Japanese Secret Police (Kempeitai) who were held for investigation of the International Military Tribunal. Several surviving officers of the 23rd Army, which conquered Hong Kong in 1941, were also found in Japan and flown out to Hong Kong for investigation and trial.


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