02 January 2014

Messerschmitt Me 210 A-1 “2N+LT” Crash Landed at Gerbini

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Date: Thursday, 4 March 1943
Place: Gerbini, Sicily, Italia
Photographer: Unknown

The low rigidity of this sandbag box prevented that this Messerschmitt Me 210 A-1 “2N+LT” werknummer 0205 (gelb L) of 9.Staffel / Zerstörergeschwader 1 (ZG 1) sustained more than 40% damage. The aircraft crashed due unknown reasons during take off on March 4th 1943 in Gerbini. If the box would have been made from more rigid material the crew may not have been so lucky! The Me 210 carries the white fuselage band for the Mediterranean. Its subsequent history is unknown. Gerbini airfield was located some 10 kilometers west of Catania/Sicily. These sandbag boxes were typical for Gerbini as this bare field had no other means of protection. Note the painted camouflage on the sandbags! III.Gruppe/ZG 1 used Gerbini as a forward field from February until March 1943.

Luftwaffe im Focus - Edition No.1 2002

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