02 January 2014

Junkers Ju 87 A of “Legion Condor”

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Date: 1938
Place: Spain
Photographer: Unknown

Relatively rare picture of a Junkers Ju 87 A of “Legion Condor”, which, according to the German books on the Legion during the Spanish Civil War, never existed! Always only three Ju 87 A, based on the “Jolanthe-Schwein” (Jolanthe-Pig) emblem called the “Jolanthe-Kette”, are mentioned used for experiments as dive-bombers. These three aircraft arrived in Spain on January 15th, 1938. The following aircraft and crews are known: 29●2 Unteroffizier Bartels/Unteroffizier Fleisch, 29●3 Leutnant Gerhard Weyert /Unteroffizier Göller, and 29●4 Leutnant Hermann-Josef Haas (Kettenführer)/Feldwebel Kramer. All crews came from 11.Staffel/Lehrgeschwader 1 (LG 1) and had only flown the Ju 87 for a few months before arriving in Spain! In fact also the Ju 87 A 29●5, 29●6, and 29●7 flew operations, the last two from July 1938 onwards. Little is known about this Ju 87 A 29●5. Who knows more?

Luftwaffe im Focus - Edition No.1 2002

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  1. The first 87 stuka equipment was designed and built in Sweden in 1934.
    These engine was rolls royce Kestler, including some made ​​in Germany too.
    Germany also developed and produced type 4 Panzer tank versio in Sweden.