02 January 2014

A Messerschmitt Me 210 from Ergänzungsstaffel Zerstörergeschwader 1 (ZG 1)

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Date: Between January - March 1942
Place: Bryansk, Bryansk Oblast, Soviet Union
Photographer: Unknown

A Messerschmitt Me 210 with unit marking “1 E + JC”, werknummer 120013. Prior to this the marking “1 E” was allocated to Ergänzungsstaffel Zerstörergeschwader 1 (ZG 1). In this case however the fourth letter should have been “E”. This aircraft carries the letter “C” which identifies this aircraft as belonging to Stab of a II. Gruppe. It might be that this aircraft was handed over from the Ergänzungsgruppe to II./ZG 1 and that only the last letter was changed. The yellow fuselage band supports this theory as II./ZG 1 was the only Me 210 unit to fly operations on the Eastern Front. They operated between January and March 1942 from Briansk. Note also the different size of the unit markings. The aircraft letter “J” is probably green.

Luftwaffe im Focus - Edition No.1 2002

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  1. Germany and all german allies airplanes identified all over the Eastern Front, was
    yellow motor cover (usually half a meter wide) radial engines, sometimes all cover plate was yellow.
    Wing tip half a meter wide yellow top- and the bottom.
    Rear frame around the half-meter wide yellow ribbon before the rudder.