17 January 2013

Destroyed Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J in Normandy

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Date: Thursday, 3 August 1944
Place: Pont-Farcy, Basse-Normandie, France
Photographer: Unknown

In a village left in ruins, a GMC truck passes behind the German medium tank PzKpfw IV Ausf. J of the German 2. Panzer-Division, destroyed by soldiers of the 35th U.S. Infantry Division, August 2, 1944. Looks like knocked out in airstrike or by heavy artillery barrage. Note barrel appears still secured for travel, and also note shattered buildings and wall. this Panzer IV of the 2. Panzer-Division (the three-pronged fork is visible on the frontal shielding side controls) formed part of the 8 Kompanie of Panzer Abteilung II of Panzer-Regiment 3 which blocked circulation with the crossroads of the center of Pont-Farcy, it was pushed back on the other side of the crossroads. Membership of the tank is determined by the tactical sign - yellow trident. The tank can be seen scattered fragments of uniforms, including pants, hanging on the gun. In the background you can see a passing American Sanitary triaxial truck GMC CCKW 353 2.5 ton 6X6 U.S. Army ensuring a medical mission (Red flag Cross). Picture taken during the period from 3 to 5 August 1944. The village is liberated on August 2 by the 35th Infantry Division.

Conseil Régional de Basse-Normandie / National Archives USA

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