09 January 2013

U-34 Training Submarine

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Date: Thursday, 1 May 1941
Place: Memel, Ostpreußen, Germany
Photographer: Unknown

Although U-boats engaged in training duties sometimes carried autonomous emblems, it was not unusual for former operational boats assigned to training to retain emblems from their service days. Our photo depicts one such boat, the U-34, a type VIIA, alongside an unidentified type IID (left). In addition to its black and white training boat emblem, U-34 still wears its old operational emblem. This consists of a trumpeting elephant stepping on the head of First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill! After a very successful career as an operational boat, U-34 served as a training boat, first with 21. Unterseebootsflottille, then with the 24. Unterseebootsflottille until decommissioned on 8 September 1943. In our photo the U-34 is preparing to take on new training torpedoes. The torpedo loading hatch is open and the loading slide up, however the loading equipment in the conning tower is not yet in position. The cloud of smoke in the background suggests that one of the two boats has just started its diesel engines. Date and location is estimated.

"U-Boot im Focus" magazine, edition No.2 - 2007, page 5

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