17 January 2013

Generale Adolf-Friedrich Kuntzen and Otto von Knobelsdorff

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Date: Monday, 1 September 1941
Place: Nevel, Pskov Oblast, Soviet Union
Photographer: Unknown

Two Heer (Army) generals conferred at Nevel, Russia: General der Panzertruppe Adolf-Friedrich Kuntzen (left foreground) and Generalleutnant Otto von Knobelsdorff (right). At this time, Von Knobelsdorff was commander of 19. Panzer-Division, while Kuntzen Kommandierender-General of LVII. Armeekorps (motorisiert). Both unit were subordinated to 9.Armee/Heeresgruppe Mitte in Unternehmen Barbarossa. The 19. Panzer-Division was organized on 1 November 1940 in Wehrkreis XI on the basis of the 19. Infanterie-Division with the newly created Panzer-Regiment 27 (Infanterie-Regiment 59 was transferred to the 20. Panzer-Division) under command of Generalleutnant Otto von Knobelsdorff. In July 1941 it moved to the central sector of the Eastern front until December 1942 when it was transferred south. It was pushed back though Ukraine and Poland and surrendered in Czechoslovakia in May 1945


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