09 January 2013

German Fallschirmjäger on the Italian Front

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Date: Friday, 1 October 1943
Place: Italia
Photographer: Baitz (PK Fsjg. AOK)

German Paratroopers from Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 5/Division Hermann Göring during the march on the Italian front. Some were carrying MG 42. They were the few remnants from the Tunisian campaign, during their short stay in Italy before leaving for the eastern front in early November 1943. Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 5 was formed in May 1942 (Stab and I./FJR.5 new, while II. and III./FJR.5 from II. and III. /Luftlande-Sturm-Regiment 1). In July 1942 II.Bataillon/Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 5 was sent to Africa and joined Brigade Ramcke, while the rest of the regiment transferred to Reims (training for Operation Hercules, attack on Malta). Stab, I. and III./FJR.5 were transferred to Tunisia in November 1942, joining Brigade Ramcke. II./FJR.5 was apparently disbanded shortly afterwards. On February 1943 FJR.5 was redesignated Jäger-Regiment Hermann Göring, now part of Division General Göring which destroyed on May 1943. Reformed in October 1943 (only II./FJR.5) and saw action in South Russia together with  2. Fallschirmjäger-Division (October 1943 Zhitomir, February 1944 Kirovograd), but was destroyed at Kirovograd. Only the Stab II./FJR.5 remained and on July 1944 became Stab / FJR.16. An entire new regiment began forming January 1944 in Reims, later Brest. When III./FJR.1  arrived in Brest in March 1944, it became the basis of the new FJR.5. The regiment was almost totally destroyed in Normandy, and had to be reformed in Oldenzaal, October 1944.

Zbiory NAC 2-2113

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