11 November 2031


  1. 1924.04.01. Defendants in the Beer Hall Putsch trial
  2. 1924.12.20. Adolf Hitler on his Release from Landsberg Prison
  3. 1928.10.11. Showa Emperor (Hirohito) at his coronation 1928
  4. 1933.09.14. Hitler Tours Destruction of Oeschelbronn, Germany
  5. 1934.00.00. Vickers Light Tank Mark III
  6. 1934.04.01. Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf A (SdKfz 101)  
  7. 1935.07.17-21. Adolf Hitler Laughing at a Vacation in Harz Mountains
  8. 1936.01.01. Italian Troops March Past Mussolini Poster in Ethiopia
  9. 1936.04.05. Hermann Göring and His Lion Cub 
  10. 1936.05.30. Japanese Buddhist monks during gas mask drill
  11. 1936.06.13. Picture of People Giving a Nazi Salute, with August Landmesser Refusing to do so
  12. 1936.06.27. Chinese generals Chiang Kai-Shek and Long Yun
  13. 1936.07.02. Heinrich Himmler and SS Generals in Quedlinburg 1936
  14. 1937.08.13. Japanese troops passing the Chinese city of Peiping
  15. 1937.10.22. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor Visited Adolf Hitler at the Berghof 
  16. 1938.00.00 Junkers Ju 87 A of “Legion Condor”
  17. 1938.09.30. German and Italian Officials at Münich Conference
  18. 1938.09.30. Neville Chamberlain's 'Peace of Our Time'
  19. 1938.10.12. Panzer-Regiment 11 Celebrates its First Birthday
  20. 1939.02.24. Vought-Chance SB2U-2 Vindicator
  21. 1939.05.31. Legion Condor Award Ceremony in Hamburg
  22. 1939.08.25. U-25 a Few Days Before the Outbreak of the War
  23. 1939.09.03. German panzers in Poland
  24. 1939.09.18. A Destroyed Panzerkampfwagen 35(t) in Poland 
  25. 1939.09.19. The Remain of Prinz von Ratibor's Panzer IV After the Battle
  26. 1939.09.25. Hitler arrived at an airfield near Warsaw in Poland
  27. 1939.09.29. British soldiers going to the front
  28. 1939.12.18. British POW with Luftwaffe Soldiers
  29. 1939.12.20. Press Conference after the Air Battle in Wilhelmshaven
  30. 1940.01.01. Soviet BT-5 Tanks Knocked Out During the Winter War
  31. 1940.03.10. Germany's Heroes Remembrance Day 1940
  32. 1940.03.11. The Sinking of U-31 off Wilhelmshaven 
  33. 1940.03.16. Luftwaffe Attack on Scapa Flow
  34. 1940.04.00. Skoda 35 tank Kompanie wait in a wood for the opening of Blitzkrieg 
  35. 1940.04.01. Crusader Mark I Cruiser Tanks  
  36. 1940.04.13. Junkers Ju 52 After Landing on the Hartvigvann-Lake
  37. 1940.04.30. Dutch Military Motorcyclists during Parade
  38. 1940.05.00. Messerschmitt Bf 109 of LG 2 Belly Landed at Liege
  39. 1940.05-06.00. 6. Panzer-Division Tanks in France 1940  
  40. 1940.05.10. Dutch soldiers surrender at Lutterhoofdwijk
  41. 1940.05.11. Bombing of Blauwburgwal Canal in Amsterdam
  42. 1940.05.13. LSSAH Troops Crossing the River Meuse Near Mook 
  43. 1940.05.13. Ritterkreuz Award Ceremony for Sturm-Abteilung "Koch"
  44. 1940.05.14. Dutch Soldier negotiating the capitulation in 1940
  45. 1940.05.15. Luftwaffe Kriegsberichter Recorded German Movement at Dinant 
  46. 1940.05.16. German military convoy in Amsterdam
  47. 1940.05.16. Motor units of Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler at Amsterdam
  48. 1940.05.26. Tanks of 6. Panzer Division Advance Toward Cassel 
  49. 1940.06.01. Oberleutnant Karl Hanke in a Panzerkampfwagen IV  
  50. 1940.06.01. Panzer 38(t) and Panzer II on the Move
  51. 1940.06.03-06. Hitler With His Staff, June 1940
  52. 1940.06.14. General Kurt von Briesen Reviewing His Troops in Paris Parade
  53. 1940.06.18.Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler in Münich, June 1940 
  54. 1940.06.26. Award Ceremony of Pionier-Bataillon 221
  55. 1940.07.19. Newly Promoted Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring
  56. 1940.08.03. 554. Infanterie-Division at Donaueschingen
  57. 1940.08.12. Bf 109s of JG 53 vs Hurricanes of No.145 Squadron
  58. 1940.09.14. Luftwaffe Ace Hauptmann Rolf Pingel
  59. 1940.10.01. German Armored Parade in Oslo
  60. 1940.10.14. Bus Trapped in the Crater at Balham Station
  61. 1940.11.00. U-34 Training Submarine
  62. 1940.11.01. Panzerkampfwagen II ausf C on Manoeuvre
  63. 1940.11.13. Reception for Soviet's Foreign Minister at Hotel Kaiserhof
  64. 1940.11.18. Hermann Göring Visit "Der Sieg im Westen" Exhibition
  65. 1940.12.00. Emblem of U-93
  66. 1940.12.24. Adolf Galland Waiting for the Führer 
  67. 1941.00.00. Member of 250. Infanterie-Division (División Azul)
  68. 1941.01.00. Wilhelm Haehnelt as Generalleutnant in January 1941
  69. 1941.01-08. SS Soldiers Playing with Squirrel
  70. 1941.01.31. Frostbite Experiments of Unit 1855
  71. 1941.03.01. Panzerkampfwagen III in Libya
  72. 1941.03.13. Former German Heavyweight Boxer Max Schmeling as a Fallschirmjäger
  73. 1941.03.15. Stern of Battleship Bismarck 
  74. 1941.03.24. M13/40 Tanks of the VII Battaglione, Ariete Armored Division 
  75. 1941.04-09.00. A column of German Wehrmacht paraded in Paris
  76. 1941.04.05. Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf G and Ausf H in Bulgaria 
  77. 1941.04.09. Panzerkampfwagen III Crews at Rest and Playing Cards  
  78. 1941.04.09. Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf E of 13. Panzer-Division 
  79. 1941.04.13 German victory parade in Belgrade
  80. 1941.04.13. 11. Panzer-Division Rests During Yugoslavian Campaign 
  81. 1941.04.17. First German POWs in North Africa
  82. 1941.04.20. The capitulation of Greek forces to SS Leibstandarte
  83. 1941.05.00. Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.D tanks of Panzer-Abteilung 65
  84. 1941.05.01. Panzerkampfwagen IVs of the Afrika Korps
  85. 1941.05.11. Dutch SS ceremony in Utrecht Netherlands
  86. 1941.05.20. German Paratrooper during Operation Mercury
  87. 1941.05.20. German Paratroopers rests at Crete
  88. 1941.05.31. Fallschirmjäger Officers at Heraklion
  89. 1941.06-12.00. Leutnant Helmut Ritgen Collecting his Lunch from Field Kitchen
  90. 1941.06.00. Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.J Medium Tank Negotiating a River Crossing
  91. 1941.06.21. Erich Brandenberger and Erich von Manstein a Day Before Operation Barbarossa
  92. 1941.06.21. German Tank Convoy Near the Soviet Border
  93. 1941.06.23. Char B1 Flammenwerfer Before Operation Barbarossa
  94. 1941.06.26. German Soldiers Move into Burning Russian Villages
  95. 1941.06.30. Execution of Brave Russian Prisoners
  96. 1941.07.00. Cheerful Divisional Personnel Pose with a Wrecked Soviet T-28B tank
  97. 1941.07.00. Oberstleutnant Erich Freiherr von Seckendorff Observes The Battlefield
  98. 1941.07.01. German Troops Prepare to Clear Houses
  99. 1941.07.01. Panzerkampfwagen 35(t) of 6. Panzer-Division
  100. 1941.07.01. Sturmgeschutz III ausf B (SdKfz 142) Fords a River
  101. 1941.07.02. Erwin Rommel visiting Sollum Front
  102. 1941.07.06. Tank-Infantry Cooperation with Panzer 35(t) at Pskov
  103. 1941.07.18. German Troops Remove Communist Red Star
  104. 1941.07.19. U-553 Returned From Successful Patrol
  105. 1941.07.26. Damaged Aircraft of Feldwebel Heinrich Klöpper
  106. 1941.08.00. Generaloberst Hoepner With Officers of 6. Panzer-Division in Leningrad
  107. 1941.08.10. LSSAH NCO Helmut Burose Attack A Soviet Armoured Vehicle
  108. 1941.08.12. RAF Blenheim After Bombing Goldenburg Power Station, Cologne
  109. 1941.08.12. RAF Blenheims Attack Fortuna Power Station in Cologne
  110. 1941.08.25. Ritterkreuz Award Ceremony for Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche
  111. 1941.09-11. Front-Line Conference of Wolfram von Richthofen and Richard Koll
  112. 1941.09.00. Red Army Soldiers Ride Panzer III  
  113. 1941.09.01. Generale Adolf-Friedrich Kuntzen and Otto von Knobelsdorff 
  114. 1941.09.01. German Motorcycle Immobilized by Russian Mud
  115. 1941.09-10. U-83 in the North Atlantic During its Second Patrol
  116. 1941.10.00. 6. Panzer-Division Panzer Convoy
  117. 1941.10.00. Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 of Feldwebel Fritz Dinger
  118. 1941.10.00. Oberst Richard Koll in his Panzerbefehlswagen III 'RO6'
  119. 1941.10.00. Tanks of Panzer Brigade Koll
  120. 1941.10.02. A Column of Armour from Panzer-Brigade "Koll" at Vyazma 
  121. 1941.10.02. Panoramic View of the Battle of Vyazma
  122. 1941.10.02. Panzerbefehlswagen III 'RO6' of Oberst Richard Koll in a Russian Village
  123. 1941.10.02. PzBefw.III of Oberst Richard Koll at the Battle of Vyazma 
  124. 1941.10.06. Luftwaffe POW officer with British Sergeant
  125. 1941.10.07. Wounded SS With StuG and Destroyed T-34
  126. 1941.10.09. Royal Air Force Avro Lancaster I Flying in the Sky 
  127. 1941.10.16. German Troops Inspect Soviet Trenches Along the Volkhov River
  128. 1941.10.20. Hans-Ulrich Rudel at the Honor Goblet Presentation
  129. 1941.11.01-06. French soldiers of the Légion des Volontaires Français  
  130. 1941.11.24. Rommel With 15. Panzer-Division Between Tobruk and Sidi Omar 
  131. 1941.12.01-09. The Youngest Soldier of French Legion
  132. 1941.12.03. German tank crew surrendered to New Zealand troops
  133. 1941.12.07. Radiogram "Air Raid, Pearl Harbor, This Is Not Drill"
  134. 1941.12.07. Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 Attack Bomber Shot Down at Hospital Point, Pearl Harbor
  135. 1941.12.07. Small Boat Rescues Sailor from USS West Virginia (BB-48)  
  136. 1941.12.07. USS Maryland (BB-46) and Capsized USS Oklahoma (BB-37)  
  137. 1941.12.07. USS Shaw (DD-373) Destroyed in Floating Drydock YFD-2
  138. 1941.12.07. "Battleship Row" after Pearl Harbor Attack
  139. 1941.12.07. Wrecked B-17C Flying Fortress at Hickam Field
  140. 1941.12.08. President Franklin D. Roosevelt Signs the Declaration of War Against Japan 
  141. 1941.12.20. Award ceremony of Romanian medal to Carl Gustaf Mannerheim
  142. 1941.12.23. Panzer-Regiment 201 Receives its First German Tanks
  143. 1941.12.25. Generalmajor Ramcke with His Family in the Christmas of 1941
  144. 1942.01.00. Panzerkampfwagen III During the Soviet Winter 
  145. 1942.01.01. 14th Engineers (Philippine Scouts) Wire Railroad Bridge For Demolition 
  146. 1942.01.01. Crusader Tanks in North Africa  
  147. 1942.01.01. Japanese Imperial Army During The Advance On Luzon
  148. 1942.01.01. M13/40 of Italian XX Armored Corps in North Africa
  149. 1942.01.01. RAF 15 Squadron Short Stirlings in Flight
  150. 1942.01.12. Ritterkreuz Recipient Heinrich "Hein" Springer  
  151. 1942.01.16. Indian Sailor Begs for Water After his Ship was Sunk
  152. 1942.01-03. A Messerschmitt Me 210 from Ergänzungsstaffel Zerstörergeschwader 1 (ZG 1)
  153. 1942.03.01. KNIL soldiers with captured Japanese flag
  154. 1942.03.08. The surrender of the Dutch forces to the Japanese at Kalidjati
  155. 1942.03.13. Japanese American Grocery Proclaims "I Am An American"
  156. 1942.04.05. San Petro Internees Arrive at Santa Anita Assembly Center
  157. 1942.04.06. Japanese Americans Queue for Transport to Santa Anita Assembly Center
  158. 1942.04.09. Banzai Celebration of Japanese Forces at Bataan
  159. 1942.04.10. Lieutenant Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare in His Cockpit
  160. 1942.04.11. Allied Prisoners of War Sort Confiscated Equipment on Bataan
  161. 1942.04.24. Japanese-Americans at Manzanar War Relocation Center
  162. 1942.05.01. P-40E Warhawk of 11th Fighter Squadron
  163. 1942.05.06. Japanese Tanks on Corregidor 
  164. 1942.05.22. Four of the Best Pilots From Jagdgeschwader 51 (JG 51) "Mölders"
  165. 1942.05.27. Doris Miller Receives the Navy Cross from Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
  166. 1942.05.31. American POWs Reenact Surrender of Corregidor to Imperial Japanese Army
  167. 1942.06.01. M3 Medium Tanks at Fort Knox
  168. 1942.06.03. Marines at General Quarters, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
  169. 1942.06.04. Destroyers Stand By to Pick Up Survivors as USS Yorktown is Abandoned
  170. 1942.06.04. USS Yorktown After Bomb Hits in the Battle of Midway
  171. 1942.06.04. USS Yorktown (CV-5) Lists After Two Torpedoes
  172. 1942.06.04. Flight Deck of USS Yorktown After Being Hit by the Japanese
  173. 1942.06.05. Renzo Kita, Last Moment of Admiral Yamaguchi
  174. 1942.06.16. U-455 Return From Her Patrol At St. Nazaire
  175. 1942.06.18. German Pioneer Attempting to Demolish Turret No.2 of Fort Maxim Gorky
  176. 1942.06.18. The Remains of Russian Tanks Collected by the Germans  
  177. 1942.06.21. Small Briefing of German Officers Before Stalingrad
  178. 1942.06.28. Portrait Photo of Hans-Joachim Marseille
  179. 1942.07.01. Panzer IVs Pass Knocked Out Universal Carrier 
  180. 1942.07.01. Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.N During a Lull in Combat  
  181. 1942.07.04. American Prisoners of War Celebrate the Fourth of July at Camp Casisang
  182. 1942.07.12. Politruk Alexey Yeremenko Counterattacking Enemy Positions  
  183. 1942.07.16. German Soldier Playing With a Cat
  184. 1942.08.00. A column of German POWs on the Nevsky Prospekt in Leningrad
  185. 1942.08.01. German Soldiers March To The Front In Fall Blau
  186. 1942.08.09. 1. Panzer-Armee Advances on the Caucasus Mountains
  187. 1942.08.10. German and Finnish Officers at a Ferry on Lake Ladoga
  188. 1942.08.10. "Wake - Beach of Bayonets" Propaganda Poster 
  189. 1942.08.24. Japanese Bomb Impacts USS Enterprise During Battle of the Eastern Solomons
  190. 1942.08.25. U-218 in Kiel Harbor Leaving for Kristiansand
  191. 1942.09.00. New Focke-Wulf Fw 190 For JG 51
  192. 1942.09.03. Johannes-Rudolf Mühlenkamp with his Fox Terrier dog 
  193. 1942.09.15. Victory Marking of U-155
  194. 1942.09.16. HZL Aircrew Celebrating the Unit's 1,000th Sortie Over the Eastern Front
  195. 1942.09.19. Luftwaffe Troops at Stalingrad
  196. 1942.09.21. German Soldier Rides a Camel on the Russian Front  
  197. 1942.09.24. Award Ceremony of Croatian Volunteers in the Outskirts of Stalingrad
  198. 1942.09.29 Maneuvers of British Armored Division
  199. 1942.10.00. P-51 Mustang being prepared for test flight
  200. 1942.10.01. B-17F Flying Fortress at Douglas Aircraft's Long Beach Plant
  201. 1942.10.01. Unteroffizier Gerhard Proske from Jagdgeschwader 54 (JG 54)
  202. 1942.10.08. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Alexander von Hartmann at Stalingrad
  203. 1942.10.15. Ritterkreuz award ceremony of Wilhelm Knetsch at Stalingrad
  204. 1942.10.16. German Pioneer Officer at the Ruins of Stalingrad
  205. 1942.10.16. German troops push into Barrikady Gun Factory in Stalingrad
  206. 1942.10.26. Nakajima B5N2 Passes USS Northampton (CA-26)
  207. 1942.11.01. Sergeant William Watts Manning B-24D Liberator Tunnel Machine Gun
  208. 1942.11.01. Soldiers in Bunks on Army Transport S.S. Pennant
  209. 1942.11.01. US Marine Mortar Squad on the Matanikau
  210. 1942.11.04. General Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma Surrender to Bernard Montgomery 
  211. 1942.11.06. U-125 Returning to Lorient
  212. 1942.11.11. Oberleutnant Winkler Gives Order Near the Barrikady Factory Stalingrad
  213. 1942.11.23. Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf N Unloaded in North Africa
  214. 1942.11.27. German Armour Entering the French harbour of Toulon  
  215. 1942.11.30. The grave of Oberleutnant Joachim Sonntag at Rzhev
  216. 1942.12.01. "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels" Watch American Wounded Rest
  217. 1942.12.01. Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf G Abandoned by Their Crews 
  218. 1942.12.01. USS Alabama (BB-60) Anchored at Lynn Haven
  219. 1942.12.12-23. Panzergrenadiers with the Wrecked T-34 
  220. 1942.12.25 The first Christmas of SS Division "Prinz Eugen"
  221. 1943.01.00. Karl Dönitz Studying Maps at Kriegsmarine Headquarter
  222. 1943.01.00. Messerschmitt Bf 109 of Feldwebel Hans Döbrich
  223. 1943.01.00. Oberst Walther von Hünersdorff Discussing Strategy
  224. 1943.01.01. M3 Stuart Light Tank in North Africa
  225. 1943.01.01. Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf N of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 501
  226. 1943.01.18. British SAS Just Back From a Three Month Patrol
  227. 1943.01.20. Captain Robert L. Faurot, 39th Fighter Squadron, US Army Air Corps 
  228. 1943.01.20. Men of SS Prinz Eugen Riding On a Hotchkiss H-39 During Operation Weiss
  229. 1943.01.22. General Montgomery Planning the Final Assault on Tripoli
  230. 1943.01.24. Giraud and de Gaulle Shaking Hands at Casablanca Conference
  231. 1943.01.31. Generalleutnant Carl Rodenburg Photographed at Stalingrad
  232. 1943.02.10. B-24D Liberator of 308th Bomb Group Passes P-40Ks of 23rd Fighter Group
  233. 1943.02.14. Crew of C-47 "Early Delivery"
  234. 1943.02.27. Captured Afrikakorps after the Battle of Sened Station
  235. 1943.03.04. Messerschmitt Me 210 A-1 “2N+LT” Crash Landed at Gerbini
  236. 1943.03.06. Extraordinary Tank Hunter Werner Wrangel
  237. 1943.03.06. Günther Rall and His Men with Unit Mascot
  238. 1943.03.17. B-17 Flying Fortress "Invasion 2nd" at Training Session
  239. 1943.03.19. Adolf Hitler Inspecting Dora
  240. 1943.03.21. Marder II "Kohlenklau" of Unteroffizier Helmut Kohlke
  241. 1943.03.22. Artur Phleps and Kurt Waldheim at Yugoslavia
  242. 1943.04.00. Oberstleutnant Karl-Gottfried Nordmann, Luftwaffe Ace  
  243. 1943.04-05. Panther Ausf.D Medium Tanks on Rail Cars Waiting to be shipped to the Front 
  244. 1943.04-10. Panzer Commanders of Das Reich and LSSAH
  245. 1943.04.04. Adolf Hitler Inspecting Gustav
  246. 1943.04.17. U-Boat Crew Yelled for Help after his Ship was Sunk
  247. 1943.04.18. U-37 Returned to the Base at Wilhelmshaven 
  248. 1943.04.20. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Major Wilhelm Eggemann
  249. 1943.04.21. Ritterkreuz Award Ceremony for Gefreiter Werner Rausch
  250. 1943.04.27. Heinz Guderian Visiting Tiger Company of SS Leibstandarte
  251. 1943.05.09. Launching of US Submarine USS Robalo (SS-273)  
  252. 1943.05.12. German prisoners at Enfidaville Tunisia
  253. 1943.05.13. German Generals Captured in Tunisia
  254. 1943.05.17. Sir Arthur Harris Debriefing Guy Gibson's Crew After Dambusters Raid
  255. 1943.06.01. Boeing XB-29 Superfortress in Flight
  256. 1943.06.07. Visit of General Lüters to Prinz Eugen Division
  257. 1943.06.14. KNIL marching in Australia
  258. 1943.06.30. US Army 43rd Infantry Division, 172nd Regiment Lands on Rendova
  259. 1943.07.01. Self-Propelled Howitzer "Hummel" at the Battle of Kursk
  260. 1943.07.06. Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf G tanks on the Move 
  261. 1943.07.09. B-25D Mitchell "Lady Jane" of 23rd Antisubmarine Squadron
  262. 1943.07.11. Robert Rowan explodes off the coast of Gela Sicily
  263. 1943.07.19. Benito Mussolini Speaks with Wilhelm Keitel at Feltre Airfield
  264. 1943.07.22. Wing Commander Guy Gibson (Dambusters Raid) With His Crew
  265. 1943.07.23. Australian soldiers at the Battle of Mount Tambu
  266. 1943.07.30. Corporal Bull Allen carrying wounded soldier at Mount Tambu
  267. 1943.08.13. Tiger Commander of sPz.Abt.503 Confers With "Totenkopf" Panzergrenadiers
  268. 1943.09.00. Children Playing with Panzer Tiger in Italy
  269. 1943.09.04. Canadian tanks landed at Reggio Calabria
  270. 1943.09.07. VMF-214 "Black Sheep" at Espiritu Santo
  271. 1943.09.10. Hans Lex Award Ceremony
  272. 1943.09.27. Tank of SS Division Prinz Eugen in Split Croatia during Operation Axis
  273. 1943.10.01. German Fallschirmjäger on the Italian Front 
  274. 1943.10.04. Tiger #332 Stuck in the Mud (Recovery Training)
  275. 1943.11.09. Muslim Members of Handschar Division at Prayer during their Training in Germany
  276. 1943.11.12. RAF Supermarine Spitfire Vb at Kenley Airfield 
  277. 1943.11.24. M3 Medium Tank Crew of 1st Armored Division Displays 75mm Ammunition
  278. 1943.11.28. WASPs Receive Final Instructions Before Flying B-26 Marauder
  279. 1943.12.31. B-17 Flying Fortresses Strike Bois-Colombes
  280. 1943.12.24. Coast Guard LST Heads for Cape Gloucester with Elements of 1st Marine Division
  281. 1944.00.00. A Rider Delivers Mail to Nashorn Crew
  282. 1944.00.00. Crew of B-24J 44-40783 Photographed in Front of "Tough Titti"
  283. 1944.01.01. Churchill AVRE with Small Box Girder Bridge and Churchill Crocodile  
  284. 1944.01.01. Memorial Service in Prisoner of War Heito Camp #3, Formosa
  285. 1944.01.01. NCR N-530 Bombe Enigma Decryption Machine
  286. 1944.01.02. 44 Squadron Lancaster Warms Up  
  287. 1944.01.10. 1st Marine War Dog Platoon and 2nd Marine Raider Regiment on Bougainville
  288. 1944.01.14. Marine War Dog and Handler
  289. 1944.01.14. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for panzer ace Michael Wittmann and Bobby Woll
  290. 1944.01.28. Pilots of Tuskegee Airmen Discusses Air Action Over Anzio 
  291. 1944.02.19. 22nd Marines Get Coffee Aboard USS Middleton
  292. 1944.02.19. A Marine with Thousand Yard Stare
  293. 1944.03.01. German self-propelled gun Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbär"
  294. 1944.03.19. A-20G Havoc attacks Japanese Taiei Maru ship
  295. 1944.03.31 Two US ground crew paint Easter message to the bomb
  296. 1944.04.01. Prototype 37mm Flakpanzer IV "Möbelwagen"
  297. 1944.04.05. New Zealand soldiers drinks tea in Cassino
  298. 1944.04.11. Crew of B-17G "Flatbush Floogie" is Captured
  299. 1944.04.20. Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring at the Demonstration of Hetzer
  300. 1944.04.20. Crew of U-198 Before Her Second Patrol
  301. 1944.05.00. Panther from Wiking Bogged Down in Thick Mud
  302. 1944.05-06. Panthers of Wiking Division in Maciejewo 
  303. 1944.05.12. US Marines Disembark from LVT-1 Amtrac at Guam Landing Training 
  304. 1944.05.13. Practice jump before D-Day
  305. 1944.05.14. French Troops During the Fighting of the Italian Campaigns
  306. 1944.05.14. Panther of Wiking Division at SS-Truppenübungsplatz Heidelager
  307. 1944.05.15. Major Jimmy Stewart Receives Air Medal
  308. 1944.05.18. British Commonwealth troops with captured Nazi flag at Monte Cassino
  309. 1944.05.18. New Zealand tank crew at Cassino
  310. 1944.05.19. B-17G Destroyed by Bomb Strike From Above
  311. 1944.05.20. A change of command ceremony of SS Division Wiking
  312. 1944.05.25. German Glider at Operation Rösselsprung
  313. 1944.05.25. SS Paratroopers with captured British and US flags
  314. 1944.05.27. Consolidated B-24D Liberator "First Sergeant"  
  315. 1944.05.27. Officers of Hitlerjugend Division Posing Together at Fritz Witt's Birthday
  316. 1944.06.03. Italian refugees with New Zealand soldier
  317. 1944.06.03. US Rangers Aboard their Landing Craft Before Normandy Invasion
  318. 1944.06.05. American paratrooper before D-Day
  319. 1944.06.05. General Eisenhower chats with Paratroopers before D-Day
  320. 1944.06.05. German Generals Ernst Philipp, Hans Schlemmer and Helmut Staedke
  321. 1944.06.05. Soldiers of 502nd PIR donning the equipment before D-Day
  322. 1944.06.06. U.S. assault team landing at Omaha Beach
  323. 1944.06.06. Private Jim Flanagan with captured German flag on the morning of D-Day
  324. 1944.06.06. Canadian AA Crew with Bofors Gun in Normandy on D-Day
  325. 1944.06.06. Korean Yang Kyoungjong Captured in Wehrmacht Uniform
  326. 1944.06.07. Adolf Hitler Studying The Allied Landing at D-Day
  327. 1944.06.07. Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf H of 12. SS-Panzer-Division 
  328. 1944.06.08. 2nd New Zealand Division's personnel sorting out maps
  329. 1944.06.09. Max Wünsche and 12th SS Soldiers at Rots Normandy
  330. 1944.06.11. Marauder II Bombs Banja Luka Yugoslavia 
  331. 1944.06.14. Tiger #222 Taking Tiger #231 in Tow After a Breakdown
  332. 1944.06.15. Captured Foreign Volunteers in the German Army
  333. 1944.06.17. V-1 Strikes Battersea, London 
  334. 1944.06.20. 12. SS-Panzer-Division "Hitlerjugend" Panther Ausf G 
  335. 1944.06.25. John Crocker and Rod Keller in Normandy
  336. 1944.06.26. V-1 Over England
  337. 1944.06.27. The "Last Stand" Defender of Cherbourg
  338. 1944.06.30. V-1 Hits the Aldwych, London  
  339. 1944.07.01. Flakpanzer IV (3.7cm FlaK) Ostwind
  340. 1944.07.01. P-51s of 352nd Fighter Group Escort B-24Js of 458th Bomb Group
  341. 1944.07.02. A Japanese Dive Bomber Shot Down Near Truk
  342. 1944.07.05. Generals Dwight Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and Lawton Collins
  343. 1944.07.07. Finnish Sturmgeschütz crew
  344. 1944.07.08. Oberleutnant Franz Ludwig Discussing Strategy With His Men
  345. 1944.07.11. German soldiers surrender at Vilnius Lithuania
  346. 1944.07.16 Three German commanders in St.-Lô area
  347. 1944.07.18. 26th QMC War Dog Platoon on Biak
  348. 1944.07.22. SS NCO Ferdinand Breitfelder with Captured British Weapon
  349. 1944.07.22. Wiking Officers Strolling at Nurzec rail station
  350. 1944.07.25. Studio Portrait of Luftwaffe Ace Wilhelm Batz
  351. 1944.07.28. British General John Crocker with visiting Soviet delegation
  352. 1944.07.29. American Troops Stand Guard Behind German POW at Le Gast
  353. 1944.07.29. Coast Guard LST Follows LCIs to Cape Sansapor
  354. 1944.07.31. 3rd Marine Division Searches Agana for Japanese Survivors
  355. 1944.07.31. King George VI during award ceremony for Canadian soldiers in Italy
  356. 1944.08.00. Adolf Hitler and Wachtmeister Arthur Adam
  357. 1944.08.00. Reichsbahn Personnel Wearing Camo
  358. 1944.08.01. Adolf Hitler Second Visit to the Victims of the 20 July 1944 Plot
  359. 1944.08.01. Adolf Hitler Visiting His Adjutant Heinrich Borgmann
  360. 1944.08.01. Americans Approach Panther Ausf A in Periers, France 
  361. 1944.08.01. Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf H in Poland
  362. 1944.08.01. Portrait Photo of Karl Ullrich After Award Ceremony
  363. 1944.08.01. Reception of Leading NS Officers by Adolf Hitler
  364. 1944.08.01. Schwertern Award Ceremony For Rainer Stahel
  365. 1944.08.02. Fieseler Fi-103 V-1 in Flight
  366. 1944.08.02. Luftwaffe General Werner Kreipe and Eckhard Christian
  367. 1944.08.02-03. German Soldiers Looking for Low-Flying Enemy Aircraft
  368. 1944.08.03. 155mm "Long Tom" Fires at Japanese on Guam
  369. 1944.08.03. Destroyed Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J in Normandy  
  370. 1944.08.04. Hitler Assembles The Reichsleiter and Gauleiter After July 1944 Attempt
  371. 1944.08.05. Ion Antonescu and Adolf Hitler Met for the Last Time
  372. 1944.08.09. A Young SS Hitlerjugend Soldier Captured by the Canadian at Normandy
  373. 1944.08.09. Otter Scout Car of 4th Armored Division, II Canadian Corps 
  374. 1944.08.10. M-2 Wildcats and F4U Corsairs at Daugherty Field, Long Beach, California
  375. 1944.08.10. RAF 5 Group Lancaster Attacks Bordeaux Refinery
  376. 1944.08.10. Sepp Dietrich Before Brillanten Award Ceremony
  377. 1944.08.10. Sepp Dietrich After Brillanten Award Ceremony
  378. 1944.08.10. Sepp Dietrich Received by Hitler
  379. 1944.08.10. Sepp Dietrich Receiving Brillanten from Hitler
  380. 1943.08.10. Tiger of Großdeutschland with Two Soldiers and Captured Soviet Anti-Tank Guns
  381. 1944.08.11. Jedburgh Special Forces Board B-24D Liberator
  382. 1944.08.15. Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf H (SdKfz 161) of 3.SS Panzer-Division "Totenkopf"
  383. 1944.08.17. General Philippe Leclerc and French Tank Crew
  384. 1944.08.20. Captured of General der Infanterie Ferdinand Neuling
  385. 1944.08.20. Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Hetzer" of Heeresgruppe Sudukraine
  386. 1944.08.21. American Soldier Inspects Panther Ausf A
  387. 1944.08.26. Captured German Kübelwagen in the liberation of Paris
  388. 1944.08.28. Heer officer served in Luftwaffe Field Division
  389. 1944.08.29. General Alfred Gutknecht captured by the US
  390. 1944.08.30. Abandoned "Porscheturm" Königstiger of s.Pz.Abt.503 in Normandy
  391. 1944.09-10. A Heinkel He 111 Rolling Towards its Heavily Guarded Revetment
  392. 1944.09-10. A V-1 With Very Unusual Camouflage Pattern
  393. 1944.09-11. SS Anti-Tank in Action at Transylvania
  394. 1944.09.00. PK Cameraman Made a Footage of Fw 190
  395. 1944.09.01. Abandoned Königstiger of schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101
  396. 1944.09.01. Briefing African-American Pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group  
  397. 1944.09.01. Captain Andrew D. Turner, 100th Fighter Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group 
  398. 1944.09.01. Ground Crew Affix Fuel Tank to P-51C Mustang 
  399. 1944.09.01. PFC John T. Fields Checks Ammunition on P-51B Mustang
  400. 1944.09.03. Charles Foulkes and Harry Crerar in Dieppe France
  401. 1944.09.08. General Oliver Leese speaking with Canadian NCO in Italy
  402. 1944.09.15. Jagdpanther of schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 559 
  403. 1944.09.17. Two of Eighteen Allied POWs Rescued by USS Queenfish (SS-393)
  404. 1944.09.18. British Paratroopers with German Prisoner at Arnhem
  405. 1944.09.18. German SS Prisoners at Arnhem
  406. 1944.09.19. General Hermann Plocher Arrived at Milsbeek 
  407. 1944.09.28. Nijmegen, Netherlands After Operation Market-Garden
  408. 1944.10.--. Karl Nicolussi-Leck on the Cupola of his Panther #801 
  409. 1944.10.01. British Churchill Mark VIII Tank
  410. 1944.10.14. Panther Ausf A Destroyed by XIX Tactical Air Command 
  411. 1944.10.15. Königstiger Occupying a Street Intersection in Budapest
  412. 1944.10.15. SS Soldiers With Captured Hungarian War Machines in Buda Castle
  413. 1944.10.17. Royal Hamilton Light Infantry During the Battle of the Scheldt
  414. 1944.10.20. Destroyed Catholic Church at Dulag, Leyte
  415. 1944.10.20. Wounded 7th Cavalry Tankers Receive First Aid
  416. 1944.10.21. US Army General Douglas MacArthur's Second Landing on Leyte 
  417. 1944.10.29. British war correspondent in the Netherlands
  418. 1944.11.--. SS-Sturmbannführer Luis Thaler with Waffen-Obersturmbannführer Armando Giorleo
  419. 1944.11.24. The crew of B-29 Superfortress 42-24598 "Waddy's Wagon"
  420. 1944.12.11. M4 Sherman Mine Exploder T1E3 Clears A Road in Beggendorf
  421. 1944.12.16. Wounded SS soldier during the Battle of the Bulge
  422. 1944.12.18. American Soldiers of the 99th Infantry Division March Into Captivity
  423. 1944.12.18. Gloster Meteor F.3 of Royal Air Force 616 Squadron in Flight 
  424. 1944.12.21. PT Boat Crewman Lathers Up with Soap Prior to Salt Water Bath 
  425. 1944.12.22. Luftwaffe Ace Gerhard Tyben Receiving The Knight's Cross
  426. 1944.12.25. Coldstream Guards' Sherman Firefly IC Guards Bridge at Namur
  427. 1944.12.27. Messerschmitt Bf 109 is “Blaue 15” of Leutnant Lehmann
  428. 1944.12.27. Panther Ausf G Abandoned in the Ardennes
  429. 1944.12.29. Destroyed American War Machines Near Bastogne
  430. 1945.01.01. American Armada at Ulithi Atoll
  431. 1945.01.02. Eichenlaub award ceremony for Panzer Ace Otto Carius
  432. 1945.01.06. USS Columbia (CL-56) Hit by Kamikaze Attack
  433. 1945.01.07-12. Fritz Vogt and Fritz Darges in Front of Hegykastely Castle
  434. 1945.01.14. 44th Evacuation Hospital Orderlies Carry Malmedy Victim on Stretcher
  435. 1945.01.18. Abandoned Königstiger of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 506
  436. 1945.01.19. German prisoners trudge past a British Sherman tank at Höngen
  437. 1945.01.24. Sherman Tanks of 7th Armored in St. Vith
  438. 1945.01.26. U.S. M8 Greyhound Near the German Border
  439. 1945.02.01. Reactor B at the Hanford Engineer Works
  440. 1945.02.03. M24 Chaffee of 18th Cavalry Squadron
  441. 1945.02.05. First Ledo Road Convoy to Reach Kunming, China
  442. 1945.02.09. Douglas MacArthur Inspects Damage to Stotsenburg Station Hospital 
  443. 1945.03.16. Coning Tower Test Using U-2330
  444. 1945.02.18. Platoon of 4th Marine Division Briefed on Iwo Jima on Attack Transport 
  445. 1945.02.20. A Marine Artillery Observer on Iwo Jima
  446. 1945.02.20. Marine Naps While War Dog Stands Guard 
  447. 1945.02.20. Wounded Marines Are Helped to an Aid Station by Navy Corpsmen
  448. 1945.02.23. First Flag Raising on Iwo Jima
  449. 1945.02.23. Raising the American Flag on Iwo Jima
  450. 1945.03.20. Adolf Hitler Congratulating Hitlerjugend Boys 
  451. 1945.03.20. M-12 Tank was Called Upon to Blast Enemy Defenses at Siegfried Line 
  452. 1945.03.23. Jagdtiger Abandoned in Neustadt
  453. 1945.03.24. German Town Destroyed During Operation Varsity  
  454. 1945.03.25. B-17G Flying Fortress "Big Yank"
  455. 1945.03.27. USS West Virginia (BB-48) Shoots Down a Japanese Kamikaze Plane
  456. 1945.04.01. A Knocked-Out Jagdpanther Being Examined by an American Soldier
  457. 1945.04.01. 2nd Mixed Brigade Field Hospital Surrenders on Iwo Jima
  458. 1945.04.01. German town Wesel after the bombing
  459. 1945.04.03. 15 Year Old German Soldier Cries After Being Captured

02 April 2023

Abandoned Königstiger of s.SS.Pz.Abt.101

Image size: 2680 x 1429 pixel. 988 KB
Date: Friday, 1 September 1944
Place: Beauvais, Oise, France
Photographer: Unknown

Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf B Tiger II Fahrgestellnummer (Hull Number) 280093, turmnummer (turret number) 104, of Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung (Heavy SS Tank Battalion) 101, after the crew abandoned the vehicle. Note that the hull mounted MG34 machine gun has been removed. After the destruction of the German military units in the Falaise Pocket, the surviving soldiers and their vehicles and horses made a dash for the Seine River in late August 1944. Several bridges were intact after repeated bombings, and the Allied divisions were severely depleted after two months of combat operations and unable to bring sufficient forces to prevent their escape. SS Abteilung 101 received fourteen Tiger IIs in late July and early August. As the Germans retreated into Germany, they engaged Allied forces in a defensive role, in which they excelled. On August 23, SS Abteilung 101 supported the 18th Luftwaffe (Air Force) Field Division in an attack on Guitracourt. Tiger II 104's commander, SS-Oberscharfuhrer Sepp Franzl (Squad Leader, or Warrant Officer) was the 1.Kompanie Headquarters Squad Leader. On August 29, Franzl's tank was hit by shellfire in the suspension near Magny-en-Vexin. Unaware of the damage, the crew engaged a British anti-tank gun in a barn at Aux Marais. When the Tiger II sharply turned to move away, the suspension failed, immobilizing the tank. Franzl and his crew bailed out. French Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur (Forces of the Interior), irregular bands of resistance fighters, observed the crew and fired when they bailed out. Sources vary on whether two crewmen were killed or made it back to German lines. A Sherman tank commanded by a Sergeant Roberts of A Squadron, 23rd Hussars, 11th Armoured Division, came across the tank and fired on it. German tanks would sometimes "play dead" to ambush Allied armor, so any German tank was fired upon. Roberts reported the engagement and was given credit for the kill. The abandoned tank was left in the field until December 1944. Frozen in place, gasoline fires were required to move it. The damaged suspension also proved problematic for the recovery crew. The tank was taken to the Bovington Proving Grounds in January 1945. Until 2006 the tank was on private display at the Royal Defense Academy in Shrivingham, Oxfordshire. Then it was returned to the Bovington Tank Museum for renovation and possible return to running condition.

Source :

26 March 2023

Abandoned Königstiger of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 506

Image size: 2126 x 1663 pixel. 1.2 MB
Date: Thursday, 18 January 1945
Place: Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, Luxembourg
Photographer: Unknown

An Abandoned Panzerkampfwagen VI ausf B (SdKfz 182) Tiger II or Königstiger (Bengal Tiger) of Schwere Panzer Abteilung (Heavy Tank Battalion) 506, Sixth Panzer Army, is inspected by American soldiers of the 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division. Note the Tiger II's 88mm (3.46 inch) locked in the recoil position, destroyed by the retreating crew. The 35th Infantry Division was rushed into the area to stop the German offensive around December 20, 1944. On December 28, the Division had fought their way to Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, near Bastogne, attempting to relieve the 101st Airborne Division and elements of the 10th Armored Division. By December 31 the 137th Infantry had lost two companies captured by the 1st SS Panzer Division, attempting to retake the village after Bastogne's relief. The 137th had lost 200 men killed or captured. On January 10, the 137th retook Villers. The 506th was the only Heer (Regular Army) unit equipped with the Tiger II, as opposed to the Waffen SS Abteilungs in operation in Belgium. The unit had only operated Tiger tanks, and for the Ardennes Offensive, a fourth company, Schwere Panzer Abteilung Hummel, was attached operating Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf E Tiger Is. On January 17, 1944, as the Sixth Panzer Army retreated from American breakthroughs around Bastogne, the 506th was forced to abandon two Tiger IIs and one Tiger I. While individually superior to any Allied tank, the Tiger II consumed considerable resources and was yet another tank type that a strained German quartermaster corps had to supply with fuel, ammunition, and spare parts. The Tiger II had a range of only 90 miles (145 kilometers). In its rush to combat it suffered from mechanical reliability defects; most Americans saw abandoned, not destroyed, Tiger IIs. This was a blessing for the Americans, whose M4 Sherman medium tanks and M10 Wolverine tank destroyers, both armed with 3-inch guns, could not penetrate the 180mm (7 inch) thick frontal armor. Only the M36 Jackson, with a high velocity 90mm gun, could stop a Tiger II, and only at a range within that of the German tank. All of the American tanks and tank destroyers had armor that was easily defeated by the Tiger II's 88mm KwK 43 L/71 main gun. The Americans counted on their superiority in artillery and air power to destroy Tigers.

Source :

20 March 2023

Abandoned "Porscheturm" Königstiger of s.Pz.Abt.503 in Normandy

Image size: 1600 x 964 pixel. 462 KB
Date: Wednesday, 30 August 1944
Place: Amiens, Normandy, France
Photographer: unknown

Panzerkampfwagen IV ausf B (Sdkfz 182) with turret designed by Krupp for the Tiger II designed by Professor Doctor Ferdinand Porsche (September 3, 1875 – January 30, 1951). This Tiger II of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503 was abandoned by Leutnant Rambow's crew during the Normandy Campaign. Rambow was leading two Tigers through Beauvais when one threw a track on the Rue Antoine Caron. The crew of the other Tiger started repairs when the British 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards of the 8th Armoured Brigade entered the town and fired on the disabled Tiger. The crew fled and made it back to German lines. Leutnant Rambow fought the British to Amiens, where he ran out of fuel and ammunition. His crew set fire to the vehicle, causing the suspension to settle. Note missing outer road wheels.

In 1941, Doctor Porsche was contracted, along with Henschel und Sohn, to design the Tiger II tank. Porsche's design used more copper wiring, which led to the adoption of the Henschel design as the production Tiger II on November 11, 1942. Porsche was so sure that his design would be accepted he had ordered Krupp to begin production of their turret for his design; fifty were completed when the contract was canceled. Henschel began designing the new Tiger II, but to move the project along, the Porsche turrets were fitted to the new Henschel design. These tanks were issued first to Schwere Panzer Abteilung 503. Twelve Porscheturm (Porsche Turret) Tiger IIs and two Henshelturm (Henschel Turret) Tiger IIs were issued between May 1944 and June 1944, when Panzer Abteilung 503 left for Normandy. The Porscheturm Tiger IIs had a stronger turret because of the curved surface deflecting anti-tank rounds, but a shot trap caused rounds that hit under the curved gun mantlet were deflected into the driver's compartment, killing the driver and the radio operator. However, most Tiger IIs were not lost to Allied tanks; artillery and fighter-bombers were the chief combat losses of Tiger IIs. More than that, the Tiger II suffered from poor road performance and its heavy weight caused French and Belgian bridges to collapse. More Tiger IIs were lost to mechanical breakdown than in combat. Of the twenty-six Tiger IIs Panzer Abteilung 503 was issued during the Normandy Campaign, only two survived.

Source :

12 March 2023

Flight Deck of USS Yorktown After Being Hit by the Japanese

Image size: 3000 x 2107 pixel. 1.1 MB
Date: Thursday, 4 June 1942
Place: Pacific Ocean
Photographer: unknown

Looking forward on the flight deck of USS Yorktown (CV-5) shortly after she was hit by two Japanese aerial torpedoes, 4 June 1942. Men are preparing to abandon ship. Island's port side is at right, with the curved supporting structure for the Primary Flight Control booth at top. Knotted lines in the foreground were apparently used to evacuate the island's upper platforms. The planes which scored torpedo hits were shot down either in passing the Yorktown or in attempting to pass through the fire of her escorting vessels. Not one of the attacking squadron returned to its carrier. By 1447 firing ceased. The Yorktown, listing heavily to port, was losing speed and turning in a small circle to port. She stopped and white smoke poured from her stacks. The screening vessels began to circle. Inside the Yorktown all lights had gone out. The Diesel generators were cut in, but the circuit breakers would not hold and the ship remained in darkness. The list gradually increased to 26 Degrees. Without power nothing could be done to correct it. The Commanding Officer and the Damage Control Officer thought it probable that the ship would capsize in a few minutes, and at 1455 orders were given to abandon ship. Inside, men clambered over steeply sloping decks in total darkness to remove the wounded. After an inspection on which no living personnel were found, the Commanding Officer left the ship. Destroyers closed in to pick up survivors.

Source :
United States Naval Historical C

05 March 2023

A-20G Havoc Attacks Japanese Taiei Maru Ship

Image size: 1600 x 1344 pixel. 473 KB
Date: Sunday, 19 March 1944
Place: Wewak, Papua New Guinea
Photographer: unknown

Douglas A-20G-30-DO Havoc "Tobias the Terrible" serial number 43-9477 of the 89th Bomb Squadron, 3rd Bomb Group, 5th Air Force, pulls out after skip bombing Taiei Maru off Wewak. Pilot Lieutenant John Soloc's engine was shot out as he came around to attack; losing power, he elected to continue the attack. As he delivered his bomb amidships, his wingtip and propeller struck the ship's mast. The hydraulics were shot out and the bomb bay doors could not be closed. Unable to gain altitude or speed, the A-20 crashed a few miles away. Soloc survived; his gunner, John L. Bradley, went down with the plane. After seventeen hours in the water, he was spotted by Lieutenant John P. "Jock" Henebry of the 90th Bomb Squadron. A US Navy Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina flying boat picked him up. Soloc was given a week's leave and returned to combat; he flew 61 missions by the end of the war. Taiei Maru, a 3,221 ton freighter operated by the Kuribayashi Shosen Kisen Kaisha (Kuribayashi Competitive Steamship Lines) was part of Wewak convoy Number 21 with Yakumo Maru and auxiliary subchasers Cha-47 and Cha-49. Two Consolidated B-24 Liberators of the 63rd Bomb Squadron, 43rd Bomb Group, 5th Air Force sank Yakumo Maru at 0230 Hours by radar; after sunrise nine A-20Gs of the 89th, with over 70 other Allied aircraft, attacked the convoy. An intercepted message from Imperial Japanese Army General Headquarters on March 28 reported all four ships sunk and notified 8th Area Army on Wewak that their supply convoys were suspended indefinitely because of Allied aerial supremacy. Wewak fell to the Australians on May 10, 1945.

Source :